Bandit is in doggie Heaven

Bandit is in doggie Heaven. I wonder whether the tears will ever end.

My big Rottweiler/black Labrador mix came to me as a puppy. I remember when he was still nursing on his dog mommy.

I remember how happy he was whenever I got out the leash and said, “Walkies!”

I remember when he chewed the waistband off of my brand new blue jeans.

I remember how my Bandit used to run to the front door and bark whenever somebody came up the steps.

I remember how glad he was to see me whenever I came home, even if I had just spent a few minutes talking to a neighbor. When I had to be gone for two days, my granddaughter came by to feed Bandit and let him out to do his business. She said she had to force him to go outside. When I came home, Bandit hadn’t touched any of his food. He just sat there waiting for me to come home.

He used to wag what was left of his tail (it had been cropped when he was a baby).

He used to sit as close to me as possible, all day long, and sometimes he tried to climb into my lap, which was impossible for a 100-pound dog.

Bandit got old, ill, blind, deaf and lame, so he had to be put down. WAH! I miss my furry adopted child! The tears might end after some time, but I will always remember my Bandit. When he left this world, he took a piece of my soul with him.

He was the first dog that was all mine, not my brother’s dog and not my child’s dog. I am blessed to have had him for so many years, but my heart is broken now that I’ve lost him.

It is such a tragedy that our pets don’t live nearly as long as we do.

Bandit is in doggie Heaven. He is the best good boy!



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