Philip K. Dick: Existentalist

Over the course of my ten-year relationship with my husband, I learned that he was more an Existentialist than a Gnostic. His core ideas fall more into line with Kierkegaard and Nietszche, Kafka and Schopenhauer, than with the prophets of Nag Hammadi or the neo-Platonists.

Although he adopted some of the trappings of gnosticism, such as the demiurge and the veil of illusion, Philip K. Dick adopted an eclectic body of knowledge while educating himself at the public library. Like Schopenhauer, he came to the conclusion that the universe is not rational, so we cannot gain a rational understanding of its nature, rules and existence. Like Kafka, he saw us as prisoners who never know what crime has been laid against us.

In line with God’s assertion to Moses that his name is “I am”, Phil began his study of the human existence.

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6 Responses to “Philip K. Dick: Existentalist”

  1. libramoon Says:

    You are invited to help to form what we continue to become:

  2. FCBertrand Says:

    I would certainly agree with you Tessa that PKD was more of an existentialist than he was a Gnostic. Then again, he was a lot of things. He had a lot of “intellectual tools” with which to try and fabricate a valid answer to his two salient themes: What is reality, and, What is “human-ness.”

    As for existentialism, a couple of initial websites for consideration are:
    1) The International Journal of Existential Literature:
    2) World Lingo – “Existentialism”:

    This is certainly a subject that deserves much more cogent discuss/dialogue/debate, along with PKD and C.G. Jung.

    yours in kipple,
    frank c. bertrand

  3. FCBertrand Says:

    As an addendum to my previous entry, I’ve come across a most intriguing juxtaposition of Philip K. Dick and Existentialism at:

    wherein the 3rd entry, after the Introduction, is “Philip K. Dick,” whom “Transcendental Existentialism claims…as its favorite literary influence,” followed by 8 more block paragraphs of comments.

    I found much more useful information about Existentialism at:

    1) Existentialism:
    2) The Existentialist Primer:

    These two in particular are well organized and have links to other potential sources about Existentialism.

    yours in kipple,
    frank c. bertrand

    • busby777 Says:

      thanx, frank — sorry it took me so long to approve your comment — my excuse is a fractured skull from a slip and fall

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